Our vision

Our vision statement  is reaching the un-reached. The Impact Mission Foundation is a non-profit organization with a vision to affect the lives of the world’s poorest through mission outreaches.

The unique thing about Impact Mission Foundation is that we look out for the most isolated, neglected and perhaps ignored communities. Communities that are not known on  the map or in the mind.  Our mission outreaches often pave pathways  through unpaved routes to reach the marginalized and forgotten. Our job is to be a voice to the voiceless, a beacon of  hope to the hopeless, a shoulder  to lean on and a support for men and women to rise above obscurity and attain the  basic rights and privileges  of all men.

We are a group of volunteers with a passion to affect lives using our skills, talents and free will donations. We do not discriminate based on religion, language, tribe, nationality or beliefs. We are willing and available to meet the needs of people in any society or community wherever duty calls.

Currently, we are focused on community health, infrastructure development and relief sharing. Our funding is completely based on free will donations from both the corporate and civil society and we welcome you to be a part of making an impact in the lives of others in need.



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