Reaching the unreached.

Lukuku Village March 2013:

Creating Value Life International (CVLI) visited this community in March 2013. Lukuku village is an interior settlement located within the Gwagwalada Area Council in the Federal Capital Territory (FCT). It is a village with no electricity, no functional pipe borne water, and a dilapidated primary school. We had the opportunity to share in the pain and suffering of the people as well as the joy, power, and love of giving and sharing. We shared clothing and footwear across all age groups, including boxers and singlets for the men. The second day was marked with a medical outreach. We were able to offer treatment to several hundred villagers. Major illnesses were referred to a tertiary health facility within the city center for further care.

Gberigi Village November 2013:

Gberigi is a cluster of small hamlets located deeply in an isolated settlement in Kwali Local Government Area Council of Abuja. This community cannot be accessed by a motor vehicle. We had to travel for several miles on a motorbike to reach them because of the rough terrain and unpaved road.

This community is about 2000 in number. The community’s source of drinking water is a river, which also divides Gberigi from the neighboring village. The Impact Mission Foundation team provided this community with medical care, clothes, shoes, health care and nutrition education.


Yewuti Village April 2016:

Yewuti is located in Abaji Local Government Area of Abuja. This community is composed of 2000 – 3000 inhabitants. They have a primary school and electricity but no potable water. Most of the inhabitants drank from a river which also served for washing, bathing, and swimming.

Yewuti village had a damaged pipe borne which had been left abandoned, after initial installation by the local government council. CVLI raised funds to replace the underground pump and initiated services to manage the maintenance of the system to ensure there will be a continuous flow of clean drinking water. During this visit, a medical outreach to community members was carried out and free clothing and footwear were distributed among women, children, and men.


Maiduganari Community July 2017:

The Maiduganari community is one of the well known residential areas in Maiduguri city, Borno state. In response to the call for a need of global humanitarian attention in the North East of Nigeria, we staged a 3-day outreach in Maiduganari ward, Maiduguri city, Borno state.  We received drug donation from HealthLine pharmaceutical, a local subsidiary of Mylan pharmaceutical to provide antibiotics, antimalarials, pain relievers, multivitamins, anti-inflammatories and a host of other medications to residents of this community.

Following our outreach, a temporary health post was established which continued to give free drugs to people. This benefited many people who could not afford medicines after receiving a doctor’s prescription. In addition,  clothes, footwear and even toys for kids were distributed to residents of Maiduganari community.

Drugs from Health Line Nigeria for Outreach in North East Nigeria

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